owl post

The shock of each moment of still being alive.
The siren call from the self that says it is time to wake up.
FILM: Cinema, motion pictures, the images that play in the mind.
PANIC: The screams of the midwife when faced with creation,
And the songs of monsters that live in the woods.
FILM PANIC is as much dark as it is light,
Grasping at sensation with words and images,
It reaches towards the creator’s limits
And it is a hand that beats against the walls that surround us.
PANIC is the fertile ground of creation,
FILM is that thin layer we call reality through which we seek to burst out and be reborn.
PANIC is erotic, it seeks to create.
FILM is a coat we wear as we move towards the unknown,
A membrane to protect us as we face the beauty and horror of existence.
PANIC is not passive but it is receptive,
It is the moment of realisation that the earth beneath our feet has turned to clouds.
FILM is that which flickers, the illusion of reality,
The mask we wear as we participate in this game of existence.
FILM PANIC is an echo that resonates through the history of humankind.
It is the voice that screams ‘Yes Yes Yes’.
It is desire. The desire to create and the desire to know and the euphoric acceptance that
After all is said and done one cannot hold in their hands that which is ungraspable.

Daniel & Clara