overlove 2018 Geraldine Snell
overlove, 2018, Geraldine Snell

MIA Screens is an online showcase featuring contemporary experimental films and artist moving image works with introductions by the artists who made them.


Geraldine Snell introduces overlove (2018):

overlove was titled so out of a sense of having too much love and not knowing where to put it. An exercise in self-mining and an exploration of performance and documentation, I pushed the crush I developed on a drummer, pseudonymised as ‘Curt’, to absurd heights through first writing a book of love letters before adapting these into a web series. Each episode used the scaffolding of the original text as a script or stimulus for videos, which were made and posted online 2 years exactly after the original letters were written.

Combining sporadically captured phone and camcorder footage with more considered, composed shots and fourth-wall breaking direct addresses, overlove is both melodramatic and mundane. I was committed, in its production methods and accessible YouTube dissemination, to a DIY, handheld (or embodied), lo-fi aesthetic; a zero budget, singularly produced labour of love. I thought I sought a Magical Other, focusing on ‘Curt’ as objet d’amour, but in documenting and exhibiting overlove, the viewer became the Other I sought.

The full web series overlove is viewable here and you can find the book here: https://tinyurl.com/y7yxlov7



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