Ondas 2015 Sebastian Wiedemann
Ondas, 2015, Sebastian Wiedemann

MIA Screens is an online showcase featuring contemporary experimental films and artist moving image works with introductions by the artists who made them.


Sebastian Wiedemann introduces Ondas [Waves] (2015):

Now more than ever I understand what I’m looking for through my cinematic practice. In times of coronavirus, when everyone is asking how to continue, I see in Waves a possible answer. After all, Waves tries to unfold the question of how to continue, how to make the waves continue by other means. The same question that now we are facing, how to continue our lives by other means. Like the waves, life always escapes, we can’t contain it, we can’t put it in quarantine. So in the process of doing the film, each frame is a way of escaping for the “photographic waves”. No intention of representation or apprehension of their forms, but just brushstrokes of their forces and intensities. The frame doesn’t capture but works as an escape gate. As the waves continue in an overlapping process, traces are drawn on the celluloid as a rhythmic proliferation of the spirit of the empirical waves. Beyond forms, the forces of colour also continue by other means the breaking of the waves, as the sonorities submerge our sensorium within them. We can’t stop the waves. We can’t stop life. And my desire by sharing this film with an audience in confinement is to provoke in their bodies the feeling that we can only open new ways of making life continue when we are not attached to forms. Waves is an experimentation with that intuition. They only continue and I as a medium for this proposal can make them continue, because of the un-forming and de-forming. Like life, waves are an unlimited modulation. And coronavirus rises to remind us that we must modulate our way of life by other means.



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