Everything Forever is a 3-week online exhibition featuring more than 90 artists from around the globe who met on the RCA Contemporary Art Practice course. Presenting work that is surreal, political, radical and tender, weaving the real and imaginary, across genres and philosophies. We are delighted to have joined this project as an exhibition partner. Please visit for the full programme of events.



8th-26th March


Watching through the 80+ films we were sent to choose from, we quickly noticed certain themes, techniques and preoccupations leaping to the fore. Some images and ideas spoke to us, others less so, but all of them interesting and revealing – the experience of viewing was a fleeting glimpse into the psyches of a group of artists working now, across several time zones and continents. All the films had an immediacy, directness and a sense of urgency. It was clear they had been made for the most part by solo creators, working alone, just them and their camera. This of course is to be expected as the last year has seen us all confined to our homes and nearby surroundings – this narrowing of location, resources and collaborators being the most visible impact of the pandemic on filmmaking. What also struck us was how personal a lot of the work is, maybe the narrowing of options is bringing us closer to ourselves, forcing us to confront ourselves. The setting has become local and the themes have become local and you don’t get more local than your own body and mind. 

The selection of films presented here pay particular attention to the personal worlds of the artists who made them, but always with one eye towards the grander scheme of things. The films explore relationships between the body or individual and their environment, revealing an interest in transformations at both cellular and cosmic levels and in perspectives where the human and non-human cannot be easily disentangled. We hope you enjoy these as much as we do.

– Daniel & Clara



Inside Outside, 2021, Elise Guillaume

INSIDE OUTSIDE, 2021, Elise Guillaume


A Rock, More A Boulder, 2021, Iona Mitchell

A ROCK, MORE A BOULDER, 2021, Iona Mitchell


Wu Gui, 2021, xiaoyu1002

WU GUI, 2021, xiaoyu1002


Mutant, 2021, Deividas Vytautas 00

MUTANT, 2021, Deividas Vytautas


Recipe For A Sour Breast, 2021, Jesse May Fisher --

RECIPE FOR A SOUR BREAST, 2021, Jesse May Fisher


Calming Soudns For Wild Animals, 2021, Amélie Mckee & Melle Nieling

CALMING SOUNDS FOR WILD ANIMALS, 2021, Amélie Mckee & Melle Nieling