We are very happy to have our essay ‘Towards a New Art Cinema’ re-published in Hambre Dossier: Intervalos aberrantes / Aberrant Intervals. This essay contains excerpts from ‘The Quest For The Cine-Rebis’ which was originally published in FILM PANIC Magazine in April 2016.

‘The Quest For The Cine-Rebis’ is a written manifesto and video essay meditation on the art of cinema and the journey of the artist. Both the written text and video address the history of the cinema from the perspective that what has passed is just a beginning and there are a great many possibilities still to explore. ‘The Quest For The Cine-Rebis’ boldly shakes up filmmaking conventions while offering ways to rethink our cinematic heritage and revitalise the art of filmmaking for the contemporary artist.

The full manifesto and accompanying 25-minute video essay can be found here

Daniel & Clara