glimpsey, Tessa Garland
glimpsey, 2020, Tessa Garland

MIA Screens is an online showcase featuring contemporary experimental films and artist moving image works with introductions by the artists who made them.


Tessa Garland introduces glimpsey (2020):

glimpsey is a sequence of observational video shots, taken through windows in new residential areas in East London. Contained within the seemingly private space of their own apartments, I have recorded people performing domestic actions that are not remarkable, nor individual but similar and universal. They remain the only source of life framed in these architectural environments. The smallest of gestures are synchronised to simple sounds. The confluence of image and sound aims to dislocate the work from its original context, and dismantle it from the observational ‘here and now’ into a place that is more abstract, and focuses our attention on the formal qualities of composition and rhythm.

glimpsey is part of an ongoing series of work that explores ideas about urban living, public and private space, surveillance and voyeurism.


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