On the Way to Tofino, from Journal of Drifting Hours Series, Chris Lynn
On the Way to Tofino, from Journal of Drifting Hours Series, Chris Lynn

Chris Lynn on the contemplation of landscape in his work.


My work as an audio visual artist or moving image maker is primarily based on the filming and recording of landscapes. Over the last 15 years these ideas have stayed with me:

– I approach landscapes with the aim of learning and collaborating with the natural environment. This interaction continues to spark growth, reflection, and insight.

– My work allows me to explore the subtle rhythms of light and sound in the environment (urban, suburban or rural) (exterior or interior) and how they can be rendered audio visually.

– The initial process normally requires no real plan or script, only close observation and attention to my surroundings. Ideas will develop naturally.

– Some places resonate deeply. Vibrations are felt and you try to connect in some way. Art encourages me to connect visually and aurally and to explore this moment further.

– Distance can sometimes enhance contemplation.

– In addition, it could be the correspondence between the weather and architecture that instigates creativity or the sounds of a particular place that will initiate the project (video or audio work).

– Minor unobtrusive modulations: a low passing cloud, infrequent winds, ships emerging from the fog… The quotidian is a great inspiration.


Within this framework the viewer can go down different paths and hopefully experience transformative or meditative moments or they may just enjoy the work. There are many possibilities for interpretation. The process can vary with different formats. Here are some examples below:


• Super 8 film

Journal of Drifting Hours Series: The frames, mostly edited in-camera, flourish independently, in silence, as drifting moments, travelogues, memory impulses and landscape studies. The series includes:


Late Autumn, Early Winter


Bellingham Wood


• Digital Cinema: Audiovisual

Scenes from 10 walks is an audiovisual journey of walks that span over a year. Each walk was shot in a different location and month.


Tuesday Evening in Jianye: views of an evening in Jianye, China


Friday in Yangliu


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